I’m especially interested in the emotional and behavioral impact that design can have on people’s lives and the value therein. Our interactions with products and environments shape our self-perception and understanding of the world around us. To create products that empower, democratize, and simplify people's lives while also having a positive impact on the environment, the designs need to be crafted thoughtfully and responsibly, respecting both integrity and vulnerabilities. I believe the solutions with the greatest potential are those that align with humanity’s best interests.  For me, all steps from ethnographic research to development, are equally important to create something that matters to people. By listening to and analyzing people's experiences, we can create relevant and strategic solutions that result in positive emotions and behaviors among users. The challenge of turning something complicated and complex into elegant and meaningful interactions motivates me and allows me to immerse myself in systems thinking during design.

Digital or physical, buildings, or apps - My skills are not limited to one or the other. My focus is to bring human and environmental insight to the project and create solutions of high quality that are long-lasting, beautiful, and enjoyable to use.




Respect for human time, attention and vulnerabilities.
Respect for ecological systems and other species
Respect for diverse perspectives and experiences


Courage to challenge established norms, ideas, or solutions. 
Courage to be honest and have a straight forward communication.
Courage to keep learning new things and challenge myself.
Courage to lead clients through change. 



Optimistic that a sustainable future can happen.
Optimistic that most people are and do good given the right circumstances.
Optimism to see opportunities where others see hindrances.


important points

Do more listening than talking

When you work with me, we become partners and collaborators, and to understand your pain points, desires, and visions listening is my foundation for collaboration. 

See instead of watch

See humans instead of "users". See humans in all their complexity and individuality living their lives rather than watch users perform tasks. 

Be humble

My vision is to create top quality work in my field whilst also staying humble and open and focus on the life-long learning experience.


It's a trip to be alive. Be fascinated by it, celebrate it, be kind and smile. Innovation and sustainable futures will come out of hard work and genuine smiles.

my story 

I grew up in a working-class family in remote Swedish Lapland and the likeliness of me becoming an academic and designer was close to none. Needless to say, I did not have a straightforward path to design and have had previous roles as a hairdresser, makeup artist, and then as a security guard in Oslo and at a casino in Gibraltar. I also worked at an oyster farm in Alaska and as a puma caretaker in the jungle of Bolivia (?!) My curiosity and stubborn optimism have driven me on several long backpacking trips all around the global south. The most recent one in 2018 when I spent 7 months traveling through India and Nepal to study yoga and Buddhism. 


My years of travel pushed me to ask bigger questions about our experience. What do we need? What rules and conditions do we live by? What brings us together and what sets us apart? Where are we heading? To me, this is what design is all about -  to understand humans and systems from a diverse perspective and to create meaningful, respectful, and beautiful experiences based on this knowledge. Today, my diverse life experiences are my sharpest tools in understanding the needs and situations of others. 

In my spare time I enjoy making art (Check it out), outdoor activities (trail running in particular), mind-bending conversations, and good food.