Telly - Dissolving the language barrier

This project is the result of an intensive 2 week Sounds design project. The project is a collaboration between the master programme in Interaction design and the master programme of Advanced Product design at Umea Institute Of Design.


In the current political and social climate, our societies need aid for integration and an increase in tolerance for diversity. We asked ourselves what design can do to create a more open minded future society. One initial and central thought was, if we grow up with friends from diverse cultures it makes us more open minded and tolerant for diversity. This led us to a questions that this project was then based upon. How  could we promote interaction between children who otherwise might not speak to each other?

TIMEFRAME     2 weeks

YEAR                 Spring 2017

TOOLS              Arduino, after effects.  illustrator

SCHOOL           Umeå Institute of design


Camilla Näsholm, Nicole Waniowska, Pontus Edman


Key Ideation, textile design and sewing, Audio recording & Editing, “Story of Telly” Graphics & Movie Animation,  App User interface.


To tutors, Andreas Estensen, Thomas Degn, Christoffel Kuenen, Peter Lundholm & Rickard Åström

The process and team.

Our team was a great  mix of expertise and knowledge and everyone quickly found their role and responsibilities.  To get in depth in our process and to find out how Telly works, please view the short movie below.

Copy of DSC06218_edited.jpg